Animal Availability

Fine Print

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, feeding as advertised, and of the gender and genetics (if known) stated in their description. 

All animals shipped are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good  health. If for some unfortunate reason your animal arrives in any other condition contact us within two hours of receiving your shipment. Pictures of the animal and or packaging may be necessary. A replacement animal can be shipped at a reduced rate (I split the cost with you), a full refund (minus the cost of shipping) or credit for future orders can be issued. We will work tirelessly to ensure you are satisfied with your experience.


  • No animals will be shipped when the origin or destination temperatures are above 90 degrees or below 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • FedEx two day shipping is available for invertebrates ONLY for a reduced cost with a limited live arrival guarantee.

  • No shipping for mammals or venomous reptiles.

  • Images of individual animals are available on request.


Our selection of animals is constantly changing, we try to keep this list updated as new creatures become available. Please contact us with any questions! 

Getting your animal.

All of our animals may be picked up on location with a scheduled appointment and many animals are also available at the reptile & exotic animal shows we attend. You can find a list of the upcoming shows we will be attending on the home page.

Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates can be shipped directly to your door via FedEx overnight. Shipping charges vary based on package size/weight and location. No export available, and animals will only be sent were they are legal to keep. Please know your local laws!

Mammals & venomous reptiles are only available at certain shows and for pick-up at Asheville Wildside.


Availability List

List Updated on 8/15/2021



* Denotes Medically significant venom


1.0 CBB Snow Tessera Corn 

Pantherophis guttatus 

Hatch date: 9/14/20



1.1 CBB Ghost Tessera Corn 

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 7/14/20

Het amel 



1.1 CBB Amelanistic Tessera Corn

Pantherophis guttatus 

Hatch date: 6/17/21 

Het anery & hypo  



1.0 CBB Anerythristic Tessera Corn 

Pantherophis guttatus 

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het amel & hypo 



0.1 CBB Snow Tessera Corn

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het hypo 



2.4 CBB Normal Tessera Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het amel, anery & hypo



0.1 CBB Anerythristic Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het amel & hypo



1.1 CBB Amelanistic Corn Snake 

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het anery & hypo 



1.1 CBB Normal Corn Snake 

Pantherophis guttatus

Hatch date: 6/17/21

Het amel, anery, & hypo



1.0 CBB Lavender California King 

Lampropeltis getula californiae

Hatch date: 9/10/20

100% het amel



0.0.4 CBB Pueblan Milksnake 

Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli 

Hatch date: 6/15/21

Applegate line Zapotitlan basin locality bloodline 



0.0.4 CBB Variable Kingsnake

Lampropeltis leonis 

Hatch date: 7/18/21 

Tan & orange thin bands! 



0.1 CBB Super Anaconda Western Hog

Heterodon nasicus

Hatch date: 7/2/21

66% poss het amel



0.1 CBB Anaconda Western Hognose 

Heterodon nasicus

Hatch date: 7/2/21



2.3 CBB Coastal Carpet Python 

Morelia spilota mcdowelli 

100% het albino!!

Hatch date: 7/12/21




1.0 CBB ’19 Sunglow Raptor Leopard

Eublepharis macularius



1.0 CBB ’19 Patternless Stripe Leopard

Eublepharis macularius

100% het Rainwater



2.0 CBB Adult Crested Gecko 

Correlophis ciliatus

Red pin stripe x dalmation 

Hatch date: 10/13/20



1.0 LTC Giant Bent-toed Gecko

Cyrtodactylus irianjayaensis  



0.1 CBB ’21 Mourning Gecko

Leptodactylus lugubris 



0.0.2 CBB Ambilobe Panther Chameleons

Furcifer pardalis

Hatch date: 4/9/21


1.0 LTC Saharan Uromastyx 

Uromastyx geyri 



Turtles & Tortoises

0.0.1 CBB Pancake Tortoise

Melacochersus tornieri 

Hatch date: 4/15/21




None available at this time.




CBB Costa Rican Blue-front

Aphonopelma burica

1” $45.00


CBB Rio Grande Gold Tarantula 

Aphonopelma moderatum

2" $125.00

3.5" $165.00


Metallic Pinktoe 

Avicularia sp. ‘metallica’ 

’20 import

6” Adult Female $85.00


Amazonian Pinktoe 

Avicularia juruensis

’20 import Peruvian locality 

3” $100.00


CBB Pretoria Lesser Baboon 

Brachionopus pretoriae

1 ¼” $100.00 


CBB Mexican Golden-rump

Brachypelma albiceps

½” $50.00


CBB Mexican Flame-knee 

Brachypelma auratum 

½” $50.00


CBB Mexican Fire-leg

Brachypelma boehmei

½” $45.00


CBB Mexican Red-knee 

Brachypelma hamorii

½” $45.00


CBB Mexican Giant Red-knee 

Brachypelma smithi

½" $45.00


CBB Mexican Pink Tarantula 

Brachypelma klaasi 

½” $60.00


CBB Antilles Pinktoe

Caribena versicolor 

½” $45.00


CBB Argentine Dwarf Copper

Catumiri argentinense 

2" $60.00


CBB Rear-horned Baboon

Ceratogyrus darlingi

2” $35.00


CBB Mustard-gray Baboon

Ceratogyrus meridionalis 

½” $50.00


Egyptian Olive Tarantula 

Chaetopelma olivaceum

4" sub-adult female $75.00


CBB Indian Violet Tarantula 

Chilobrachys fimbriatus

1” $35.00


CBB Chinese Giant Fawn 

Chilobrachys guangxiensis 

3” $40.00


CBB Asian Fawn Tarantula 

Chilobrachys huahini 

1” $30.00 


CBB Vietnamese Electric Blue 

Chilobrachys sp. ‘Electric Blue’

1” $75.00


CBB Cuban Dwarf Violet 

Citharacanthus cyaneus

½” $100.00


CBB Greenbottle Blue 

Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 

½” $70.00

3” Molt gendered female $200.00

5" Adult Female $300.00


CBB Pueblan Stout-leg Tarantula

Cotztetlana sp. ‘Puebla’

1.5" $75.00


CBB Sulawesi Earth Tiger

Cyriopagopus sp. ‘Hati hati’

¾” $45.00


CBB Cobalt Blue Tarantula 

Cyriopagopus lividus

¾” $45.00


CBB Bach Ma Earth Tiger

Cyriopagopus sp. 'Bach ma'

1.5" $140.00


CBB Cundinamarca Dwarf Tarantula 

Cyclosternum sp. ‘Cundinamarca’

½” $30.00


CBB Ecuadorian Yellow-banded Tarantula

Cyclosternum schmardae 

½” $30.00


CBB Guatemalan Tiger-rump 

Davus pentaloris 

¾” $35.00


CBB Blue Fang Skeleton Leg

Ephebopus cyanognathus 

½” $85.00


CBB Tanzanian Black & Olive Baboon 

Encyocratella olivacea

3" $75.00


CBB Chaco Gold-knee

Grammastola pulchripes 

½” $40.00


CBB Polychromatic Earth Tiger

Haploclastus devmantha 

1.5” $175.00


CBB Colombian Pumpkin Patch 

Hapalopus sp. ‘Lg.’

¼” $25.00


CBB Golden Blue-leg Baboon 

Harpactira pulchripes 

¾" $60.00


CBB Bronze Baboon 

Harpactira namaquensis

3” $100.00


CBB Tanzanian Chestnut Tarantula

Heterothele villosella 

1" $45.00


CBB Togo Starburst Baboon 

Heteroscodra maculata 

½” $25.00


CBB Trinidad Dwarf Pink

Holothele longipes

½” $45.00


CBB Tawny Red Baboon

Hysterocrates gigas

¾” $25.00


CBB Blue-foot Baboon 

Idiothele mira 

1” $75.00


CBB Brazilian Giant Salmon Pink 

Lasiodora parahybana 

1” $25.00


CBB Indian Black Earth Tiger

Lyrognathus crotalus

1” $90.00


CBB Socotra Island Baboon 

Monocentropus balfouri

2” $70.00


CBB Trinidad Olive Tarantula 

Neoholothele incei

1” $25.00


CBB Brazilian Red & White 

Nhandu chromatus 

¼” $15.00


CBB Thailand Gold Fringe Earth Tiger

Ornithoctonus aureotibialis 

2” $75.00


CBB Mascara Bird-eater

Pamphobeteus sp. ‘Mascara’ 

1.5” $125.00


CBB Giant Red Bloom

Pamphobeteus sp. ‘Duran’ 

1” $125.00


CBB Peach Earth Tiger 

Phormingochilus sp. ‘Rufus’

1.5” $95.00


CBB Indian Ornamental 

Poecilotheria regalis 

1” $50.00

3-4” sexed female $175.00

3-4” sexed pairs! $250.00


CBB Red Slate Ornamental 

Poecilotheria rufilata 

1” $85.00


CBB Mysore Ornamental 

Poecilotheria striata 

1” $65.00


CBB Salem Ornamental 

Poecilotheria formosa 

2” $125.00


CBB Trinidad Chevron 

Psalmopoeus cambridgei 

¾” $25.00


CBB Ecuadorian Olive-gray 

Psalmopoeus ecclesiasticus 

2” $75.00


CBB Costa Rican Orange-mouth 

Psalmopoeus reduncas

4" $65.00 mature male!

½” $30.00


CBB Venezuelan Suntiger 

Psalmopoeus irminia 

¾" $30.00


CBB Panama Blonde 

Psalmopoeus pulcher

¾” $45.00


CBB Colombian Blue &Yellow Dwarf 

Pseudhapalopus sp. 'Blue-yellow'

½" $65.00


CBB Colombian Dwarf Blue 

Pseudhapalopus sp. ‘blue’

½” $65.00


CBB Ghost Tree Spider

Pseudoclamoris burgessi 

2” $45.00


CBB Orange Tree Spider

Pseudoclamoris gigas

¾” $40.00


CBB Orange Baboon Tarantula 

Pterinochilus murinus

½” $25.00


CBB Dodoma Gray Baboon 

Pterinochilus lugardi 

½” $45.00


CBB Philippine Grey Leg

Selenocosmia peerboomi

3” $50.00


CBB Boquete Bird-eater 

Sericopelma sp. ‘Boquete’ 

1” $75.00


CBB Santa Catalina Bird-eater

Sericopelma sp. ‘Santa Catalina’ 

2” $80.00


CBB Panama Giant Red Rump 

Sericopelma rubronitens

2” $75.00


CBB Feather-leg Baboon

Stromatopelma calceatum 

¾” $30.00


CBB Ecuadorian Copper Tree Spider

Tapinauchenius cupreus 

1” $40.00


CBB Burgundy Goliath Bird-eater

Theraphosa stirmi 

1” $100.00


CBB Sullana Velvet Tarantula 

Thrixopelma sp. ‘Sullana’ 

¾” $35.00


CBB Yucatan Rust-rump

Tliltocatl epicureanum 

1.5” $45.00


CBB Mexican Red-rump 

Tliltocatl vagans 

½” $15.00


CBB New Mexican Red-rump 

Tliltocatl kahlenbergi 

½” $40.00


CBB Mexican Rose-gray

Tliltocatl verdezi

½” $30.00


CBB Mexican Black Velvet

Tliltocatl schroederi 

½” $40.00


CBB Amazon Blue Bloom 

Xenesthis intermedia

1.5" $145.00


CBB Colombian Lesser Black 

Xenesthis immanis 

1” $150.00


Other Spiders

*denotes medically significant venom

CBB Orange Ring Ladybird Spider

Eresus walckenaeri 

⅓" $125.00


CBB Turkish Orange Head Ladybird

Eresus balcanicus 

⅓" $150.00


CBB Giant Cave Huntsman 

Heteropoda maxima 

½” $65.00 GIGANTIC adults!


CBB Bolivian Banana Spider

Phoneutria boliviensis 

¼” $40.00


CBB Madagascar Zebra Spider

Viridasius fasciatus

2" $50.00


CBB Porto Santo Wolf Spider

Hogna schmitzi 

1" $40.00


CBB Argentine Wolf Spider

Lycosa poliostoma 

¾" $30.00


CBB Red Curtain Web Spider

Harmonicon oiapoqueae 

4" female $150.00


Scorpions & Other Arachnids

*denotes medically significant venom

*Black-tipped Fat-tail

Androctonus australis 

CBB 3i $30.00

Sub-adult $45.00


*Black Fat-tail Scorpion

Androctonus bicolor

Sub-adult $45.00


*CBB Ebony Fat-tail Scorpion

Androctonus gonneti

7i adult $95.00

3i $40.00


*CBB 3i Burrowing Thick-tail Scorpion

Parabuthus schlechteri 



*CBB 2i Black Thick-tail Scorpion

Parabuthus transvaalicus 



*CBB 5i Black Deathstalker 

Leiurus jordanensis 



*Adult West African Fat-tail 

Hottentotta hottentotta 



*CBB 3i Afghan Rock Scorpion 

Hottentotta minusalta 



*CBB 3i Kabul Rock Scorpion

Hottentotta buchariensis



*CBB Adult Eastern Indian Scorpion

Hottentotta flavidulus



*CBB 2i Antilles Bark Scorpion

Tityus smithii



CBB 3i Marie Franc's Yellow Scorpion 

Buthus mariefrancae 



CBB 2i Malaysian Spotted Scorpion

Chaerilus cimrmani



CBB 3i White's Scorpion 

Nebo whitei



Chinese Armored Scorpion 

Mesobuthus martensi 



Emperor Scorpion 

Pandinus imperator 

Field collected large adults!

CBB 2i $45.00

4-5” males $65.00

6”+ monster adult females! $75.00


Trans-Pecos Smooth-claw Scorpion  

Diplocentrus lindo 



Dune Scorpion

Smeringurus mesaensis 



Stripe-tailed Scorpion

Paravaejovis spinigerus



Yellow Desert Scorpion

Paravaejovis confusus



Striped Bark Scorpion

Centruroides hentzi 

$15.00 or two for $25.00


Texas Bark Scorpion 

Centruroides vittata 



Slenderbrown Bark Scorpion 

Centruroides gracilis 



Arizona Bark Scorpion 

Centruroides sculpturatus 



Asian Forest Scorpion

Heterometrus selenus

CBB 3i $10.00


Florida Tailless Whip-scorpion 

Phrynus marginemaculatus

2” Sub-adults $25.00 


CBB Nicaraguan Tailless Whip-scorpion 

Phrynus whitei

3-3.5" $45.00

CBB 2i $15.00



CBB Ghost Mantis 

Phyllocrania paradoxa

3i $25.00 


CBB African Twig Mantis 

Popa spurca

5-6i $35.00


CBB Australian Giant Mantis 

Hierodula majuscula 

4i $35.00


CBB Giant Shield Mantis 

Rhombodera megaera 

4i $30.00


CBB Spiny Flower Mantis 

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi

3-4i $40.00


CBB New Guinea Giant Stick

Eurycantha calcarata 

Juvenile pair $60.00


CBB Black Beauty Stick 

Peruphasma schultei 

Juvenile pair $45.00


CBB Dominican Stick

Hesperophasma sp. 'La Cienega’

2-3ii $15.00


CBB Sunny Stick Insect

Sungaya inexpectata

Sub-adult pair $45.00


CBB Sulawesi Golden Stag Beetle 

Cyclommatus metallifer

L2 larvae $50.00


CBB Goliath Beetle 

Goliathus goliatus 

L2 larvae $125.00


CBB Japanese Giant Stag Beetle

Dorcus titanus 

L3 larvae $80.00


CBB Asian Dwarf Stag Beetle 

Dorcua rectus

Young adult pairs $140.00


CBB Green Sawtooth Stag 

Lamprima adolphinae 

L2 larvae $45.00


CBB Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle 

Allomyrina dichotoma 

L1 larvae $45.00


Greater Arid-land Katydid 

Neobarrettia spinosa 

Juveniles $50.00


CBB Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Gromphadorhina portentosa

Small-med. nymphs $3.00ea or 4 for $10.00


CBB Peppered Cockroach

Archimandrita tesselata

5 lot of med. nymphs $20.00


CBB Death's Head Cockroach

Blaberus craniifer 

Pure UCR bloodline!

5 lot of med. nymphs $20.00


CBB Giant Cave Cockroach 

Blaberus giganteus

Lg. nymphs $5.00

CBB Orange Headed Cockroach 

Eublaberus posticus

15 sm.-med nymphs $10.00

CBB Glowspot Cockroach 

Lucihormetica subcincta

5 lot of medium nymphs $20.00


CBB Chrome Cockroach 

Gyna caffrorum 

5 lot of mixed size nymphs $15.00


CBB Extinct Cockroach 

Simandoa conserfariam 

5 lot of mixed size nymphs $30.00


CBB Lobster Cockroach

Nauphoeta cinerea

25 mixed lot $10.00


CBB Surinam Cockroach

Pycnoscelus surinamensis

25 mixed nymphs $10.00


CBB Pallid Cockroach 

Phoetalia pallida

40 lot mixed nymphs $10.00 


CBB Question Mark Cockroach

Therea olegrandjeani

5 lot of medium nymphs. $15.00


CBB White Eyed American Cockroach

Periplaneta americana

10 lot of mixed nymphs $10.00


Centipedes & Millipedes

American Giant Millipede

Narceus americanus 

2-4” Field collected $10.00


Smokey Oak Millipede

Narceus gordanus

2-4” Field collected

$10.00 or 3 for $25.00


Ghana Tiger Centipede 

Ethmostigmus cf. trigonopodus

4-5" adults 



Florida Blue Centipede 

Scolopendra virrdis 

2-3" $25.00


Minor Blue-leg Centipede

Rhysida longipes 

3" $25.00


Western Tiger Centipede 

Scolopendra polymorpha 

3" sub-adults $20.00

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