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About Us

Welcome to Asheville Wildside!

Asheville Wildside is a family owned and run business based out of Asheville, NC since 2013. We pride ourselves on providing healthy and high quality animals. We attend multiple reptile shows in the South Eastern States and are available for local pickup as well as online sales. If you are interested in any animals we have available or coming available please feel free to reach out to us!


Sucess! We'll get back to you ASAP.

Joe Merzlak

Joe's been working with animals since he was 6 years old, breeding crayfish in his kiddie pool. Captive propagation of reptiles, amphibians and especially invertebrates has long been Joe's passion and full time hobby. As his personal collection has grown and evolved over the past 17 years an outlet for responsibly sharing and distributing animals had to be created, and thus came Asheville Wildside. Joe's knowledge and experience is vast & impressive and he loves to enthusiastically share it with fellow long term hobbyists or newbies!

Christie Merzlak

Christie loves animals, but mostly she loves Joe and wants to support his dream. Her skills lie in the administrative field like budgeting, scheduling, booking hotel rooms, social media and building a website (help I have no idea what I'm doing). All the stuff Joe hates, so they make a perfect pair!

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