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-Rainbow Dung Beetle-

Phanaeus vindex


-A small scarab species with a wide distribution across most of the Eastern U.S. and west to Arizona and Northern Mexico. They appear in larger population densities where daytime temperatures are higher. 


-These insects are found in grassland, deciduous woodland, and semi-arid environments. They quickly congregate around animal droppings in the summer and adult pairs work toegther to harvest dung, and burry it in a nesting chamber where the female deposits ova. The larvae are dependant on animal dung and many different species seems to be accepted. The adults will feed on liquids from overripe fruits, commercial beetle jellies, and liquid from feces. 


-These beetles are fairl small, adults rarely measure over 1" and the males are slightly larger with a pronounced rostral horn. 

Rainbow Dung Beetle

  • All sizes are approximations, as these are living creatures some variables will occur. Beetles may be listed as larvae development stages, this is reflected as L1/L2/L3 indicating which development stage is currently exhibited. If listed as adults, size is approximate average for adults. 

  • All live orders are shipped via FedEx priority overnight. All animals are guaranteed to arrive alive and in good health. For residential or business deliveries you are required to receive the package at first delivery attempt. For orders held for pick-up at shipping centers, you are required to claim the package by end of day. Otherwise the Live arrival guarantee is voided.

    In the event of a DOA I request photographic documentation of such, and notification within an hour of receiving the package. A refund of the animals purchase price will be issued or a replacement specimen scheduled for shipping. No refund of shipping costs is available. 

    Orders will be shipped in insulated shipping containers and when appropriate, will be shipped with either heating or cooling packs. 

    If you wish to combine live orders and merchandise in a single package please contact us via email to work out details regarding your order and the safest method to accomplish such. 

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