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-Kenyan Budwing Mantis-

Parasphendale agrionina 


-Belonging to family Miomantidae, these unique Northeast African mantids are named for the females vestigial wing structures. While males mature and are capable of flight, the flightless females display only small wing structures. They still serve a purpose though, and when threatened female budwings quickly angle themselves towards th threat, open their orange/yellow raptorial arms and flash their wings. 


-These are hardy African mantids that inhabit tropical dry woodland, deciduous forests, thorny scrubland, cultivated spaces and gardens. Like all mantids, success can be increased by providing vertically oriented enclosures with a textured lid to allow molt anchoring, good air flow, frequent light misting, and frequent feeding. 


-This is a medium sized mantis, averaging 2.5-3" in length, with males being smaller upon maturity. 

Kenyan Budwing Mantis

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